Saturday, 9 February 2013

BFI: Patrick Troughton "Tomb of The Cybermen" Screening

I had a great time at the BFI for their second screening to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who with Tomb of The Cybermen

There were a number of fantastic guests including companions to the 2nd Doctor: Anneke Wills (Polly) and Deborah Watling (Victoria) and, from Tomb of The Cybermen, Shirley Cooklin (Kaftan), Bernard Holley (Peter Haydon) and Michael Kilgarriff (Cyber Controller). Also in attendance was Michael Ferguson (director of The Seeds of Death, The Claws of Axos) and Patrick Troughton’s son and biographer, Michael Troughton.

There were also two surprise guests in the form of showrunner Steven Moffat and comedian/presenter Frank Skinner who gave the story a short but sweet introduction.

Moffat also commented on Matt Smith's recent casting as the lead in Ryan Gosling's directorial debut for the movie 'How To Catch A Monster,' with "don't worry he's not going."

This was my second visit to the BFI for the 50th anniversary after last months screening of An Unearthly Child. Watching Who on the big screen really does change the way one perceives it as an audience member; things that looks cheap or dated are particularly apparent and the comedic moments are certainly amplified. Overall it is great to watch these beloved stories with a huge and loving audience.

The next installment of the BFI 50th Anniversary celebration is the very recently recolourised version of The Mind of Evil which takes place on Sunday 10th March. The event sold out in 7 minutes but if you were lucky to grabs some tickets I will see you there.

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