Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Wonderful Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Title Sequence

I don't know if there is actually anyone out there who couldn't love the new Doctor Who Titles Sequence. It's been put together to mark the 50th Anniversary, and features nods and references to many Doctor Who titles past: the McCoy "time bubble", the Pertwee/Baker "time tunnel" but most noticeably the face of Matt Smith as the Doctor. 

Patrick Troughton's face in the Title Sequence.
The face of the actor playing the Doctor was featured in the title sequence from Second Doctor: Patrick Troughton up until the Seventh: Sylvester McCoy. 

The way that Steven Moffat appears to have set out to mark the 50th is peppered full of references but still steaming forward with innovating the programme. That seems exactly right.

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