Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Same Dimension, New Domain...

Hello you big beautiful World Wide Webbers,

Wonderings In The Fourth Dimension has been going from strength to strength recently. We just broke 100,000 page views and last month had the most page views in a month we've ever had. It's all thanks to you wonderful people and your patronage. 

In order to celebrate the site's increasing popularity and status we're moving to a new, independent, slightly less long winded and more memorable domain name: 

Don't worry though you can still access the site from it's old address (wonderingsinthefourthdimension.blogspot.com) too. 

Thank you for all your suport and remember to keep telling your friends about Wonderings In The Fourth Dimension or Fourth Dimension as we're now also known.

All the best

E. Matthews

Site Editor

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