Sunday, 30 September 2012

The Angel’s Kiss: A Melody Malone Mystery E-Book

BBC books have announced that the book The Angel's Kiss: A Melody Malone Mystery recently featured in the 5th episode of Season 7, The Angels Take Manhattan, has actually been fully written and will soon be released as an e-book.

The e-book novella will be released on October 4th via digital stores (priced £1.99).

Here's the full story synopsis:

On some days, New York is one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

This was one of the other days…

Melody Malone, owner and sole employee of the Angel Detective Agency, has an unexpected caller. It’s movie star Rock Railton, and he thinks someone is out to kill him. When he mentions the ‘kiss of the Angel’, she takes the case. Angels are Melody’s business…

At the press party for Railton’s latest movie, studio owner Max Kliener invites Melody to the film set of their next blockbuster. He’s obviously spotted her potential, and Melody is flattered when Kliener asks her to become a star. But the cost of fame, she’ll soon discover, is greater than anyone could possibly imagine.

Will Melody be able to escape Kliener’s dastardly plan – before the Angels take Manhattan?

The book is the first Doctor Who title from BBC Books to be published only in epub format, and the first to be written exclusively from the perspective of a character within the show – Melody Malone, who not only runs her own agency, she also happens to be the author of a successful series of novels, featuring one Melody Malone.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Action Figure Report: Exclusive Three Doctors Collectors Set

This wonderful set has just been announced, although you'll have to wait until 3rd January 2013 to take one home. This long awaited set includes:

-The Brigadier In Peaked Cap with Pistol
-Jo Grant (with alternate arms and removable gilet).
-Gel Guard

The quality of the likeness of the Brig and Jo look pretty good. The Gel Guard doesn't look quite perfect, but is still a fairly close representation.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Exclusive Interview With A Star Of "A Town Called Mercy"

Check out my Exclusive Interview with star of 'A Town Called Mercy,' Sean Benedict over at The Gallifrey Times.

Action Figure Report: Pyramids of Mars Set

Today this rather awesome Pyramids of Mars set was announced. The set was revealed on the Forbidden Planet website to be released 18th September but was quickly removed; perhaps because it was announced prematurely.

My only reservation is that the Sutekh figure should come with interchangeable heads.


1 x Sutekh with jackal head action figure.
2 x Mars Guardian Robot Mummy action figures.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Same Dimension, New Domain...

Hello you big beautiful World Wide Webbers,

Wonderings In The Fourth Dimension has been going from strength to strength recently. We just broke 100,000 page views and last month had the most page views in a month we've ever had. It's all thanks to you wonderful people and your patronage. 

In order to celebrate the site's increasing popularity and status we're moving to a new, independent, slightly less long winded and more memorable domain name: 

Don't worry though you can still access the site from it's old address ( too. 

Thank you for all your suport and remember to keep telling your friends about Wonderings In The Fourth Dimension or Fourth Dimension as we're now also known.

All the best

E. Matthews

Site Editor