Saturday, 7 July 2012

SEASON 7 SPOILERS: New DW Toy Descriptions Contain Possible Season 7 Spoilers

Please don't read this if you don't want any of Season 7 spoiled!

Two new Doctor Who toy accessories' descriptions appear to contain massive spoilers for large parts of Season 7. This isn't the first time Doctor Who action figures have spoiled plot points or season revelations. When Davros returned we already knew because his action figure was announced too early. This first one contains spoilers for the video game: The Eternity Clock. Beyond that is an item with Season 7 spoilers!

First up we have the Trans-Temporal Sonic Screwdriver which carries this description: 

'With the TARDIS trapped on Earth in a Trans-temporal schism, the Doctor find himself at the centre of four time zones. As with each previous time the TARDIS generates a new sonic screwdriver for the Doctor but this time it is created in the style of each time zone, Elizabethan, Victorian, Present Day and Future London. With additional features including a ‘wood’ setting, the Doctor must try and free the TARDIS before time runs out. Replica sonic screwdriver with 8 new sound effects.'

This info suggests many revelations: Multiple Doctors (and sonics), split through four time zones and the TARDIS is trapped on Earth again, which hasn't happened since Pertwee's tenure as Doctor, and also finally a 'wood' setting! This is the sonic screwdriver from the PS3 PSVITA and PC game, The Eternity Clock (thanks to Quazz on Reddit). So, as it turns out no Season 7 spoilers here. It's a shame as the Trans-Temporal Schism could certainly have been used as a plot device to bring back past Doctors for the 50th Anniversary.

Then we have the considerably more interesting Q.L.A Anti-Time Device which lends us the following:

'After the Doctor disappeared, the Cybermen and Daleks went to war across the universe. And on each world they destroyed they left in their wake, Stone Angels, picking over the dead and dying. But the Cleric army fought back and scoured the dead worlds left after the wars, looking for the wreckage of Daleks, Cybermen, and broken Angels to create a hugely powerful ‘anti-time’ device. A device part Dalek, part Cyber technology and used the Quantum signature from the Angel to trigger a Gateway to pull enemies into the time Vortex…. Erasing them from Time completely. This Dalek & Cyberman Hybrid Technology Unit includes four play modes: Dalek, Cyberman, Angel & multi technology. Includes speech, sounds and light FX. Send your enemies into the Time Vortex!'

This suggests that in the Doctor's absence, the Cybermen and Daleks have been at war or possibly joined together to conquer the universe. The Weeping Angels have apparently been left as scavengers on the worlds the Daleks and Cybermen have destroyed. The Cleric army presumably refers to the same army we saw in The Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone and A Good Man Goes To War. Their army has created a device, part Dalek (the eye piece) and part Cyberman (head handle bars) and using the Angel's quantum signature (the stone finger of a Angel) to send their enemies into the time vortex, erasing them from time. The device possibly has different setting depending on the enemy.

This description is certainly incredibly spoilerific, which does annoy, but I must say it all sounds very promising, if it is indeed related to season 7. I'm now even more excited about the Doctor's triumphant return to our screens in September.

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