Friday, 22 June 2012


With much sadness it was officially confirmed today that actress Caroline John who played Elisabeth Shaw alongside Jon Pertwee in the first colour series of Doctor Who in 1970 passed away on the 5th June. She was 71. Dr Elizabeth Shaw provided brains, cool-headed intelligence and maturity where once the Doctor's female companions had screamed and asked questions. John played a companion ahead of her time and she will be sorely missed.

John appeared in only four Doctor Who stories Spearhead From Space, The Silurians, The Ambassadors of Death and Inferno. In my opinion these stories formed one of the very best and most consistent series of Doctor Who ever made. John reprised her role in cameos in The Five Doctors and the Children In Need special Dimensions In Time, she also leant her voice to many audio adventures for Liz Shaw for Big Finish Productions. She was a beautiful, talented and kind hearted individual and although Liz never got to go for a spin through time and space in the Doctor's old Police Box, she is certainly now in the Tardis in the sky.

My thoughts go out to her husband Geoffrey Beevers and her children Daisy, Ben and Tom.

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