Sunday, 17 June 2012

Ambassadors Of Death & Mind Of Evil Restoration Update

So is anyone else really looking forward to the painstaking and beautifully restored DVD releases of The Ambassadors Of Death and The Mind Of Evil? 'Cause I am! This photo was posted on twitter on 8th June 2012 by Stuart Humphryes, the man behind the YouTube's Babelcolour, and shows a still from the Ambassadors Of Death VHS compared with the full gamut colour recovery by Richard Russell. The difference is astounding. Russell has performed colour recovery on Ambassadors episodes 2-7 and Mind of Evil episodes 2-6. Humphryes is rumoured to be colourising the first episodes of The Ambassadors Of Death and The Mind of Evil which both lack the necessary cromadots needed for colour recovery. Neither story have release dates attached yet, but Ambassadors is rumoured for release at the end of 2012, but Mind of Evil not until late 2013. 

This is colour restored still from The Mind Of Evil.

Above is a video compilation of Babelcolour colourised Doctor Who.

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Dumvoc said...

Why would Ambassadors need to be colourized when it already exists in full colour?