Thursday, 10 May 2012

Doctor Who Detour – Cardiff a.k.a The Capital of Doctor Who

Yesterday I made the journey from London to Cardiff for a very special event screening two recently rediscovered 60’s Doctor Who episodes and since I’d never been to the Capital of Wales and let’s face it Doctor Who, I thought I should probably take in some of the sights. Fortunately I had the knowledgeable Paul C Robinson to show me about.

Our first stop was the Church used in Father’s Day.
Next up was the Torchwood Hub.
The Millennium Centre.
And The Wall, adorned with fan love for Torchwood, specifically Ianto Jones.
I spied a familiar news item from Boom Town. 
Next up was the “American” diner from The Impossible Astronaut. 
Then Sarah Jane’s house on “Bannerman Road.”
We then arrived at the site of the Crash of the Byzantium (where you note I am dry) used in The Time of Angels/Flesh And Stone. 
Which is just across from Bad Wolf Bay (where moments later I am drenched) used in Army of Ghosts/Doomsday. 
We passed the BBC Wales village. 
And last stop was Amy and Rory’s hometown, “Leadworth.” 
The next morning before I went back home to London I stopped to see House of Fraser, which was used as the Department store in Closing Time.
It did rain most of the time I was there but I had a great time and must say a massive thank you to Paul for taking the day to show me around. After my day of sight seeing I was off to the main event: Doctor Who – The Lost Episodes at Chapter.

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