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Patrick Troughton Round Up

Hello wonderful people of the web. I hope you all like the new design of the blog and here for your reading pleasure is a round up of Patrick Troughton's Doctor. This is the perfect jumping on point, an ideal juncture to get all caught up on everything you might have missed in time for our next Doctor, Jon Pertwee. If you missed Hartnell's First Doctor, you can check out his round up here first.

The Second Doctor woke up on the floor of the TARDIS, alongside companions Polly and Ben Jackson, in a new body. He quickly proved himself as he routed the Dalek's attempt to reactivate themselves and take over an Earth colony on the futuristic planet Vulcan.

The next stop for the TARDIS trio was to Scotland 1746, just after the Battle of Culloden where the Doctor befriended a group of Highland Jacobites. The Doctor, Polly and Ben were joined in the TARDIS by a young piper named Jamie McCrimmon.The time traveling quartet then arrived in the not so lost city of Atlantis post-1968, where the mad Professor Zaroff planned to drain the world's oceans into the Earth's core; for some fishy reason. 

In the year 2070 the Doctor and his friends landed on a base on the moon and defended it against an attack from the Cybermen and their plan to disrupt the Earth's weather. In another futuristic Earth colony run like a holiday camp the crab-like Macra took over and secretly enslaved the people. 

Back on Earth again, in 1966 the Doctor bested a group of faceless aliens called Chameleons who had been stealing bodies and their personalities behind the front of an air-line. We said goodbye to Polly and Ben, leaving just two in the TARDIS.

The Doctor and Jamie were taken to Victorian England where the Daleks drafted in the Doctor to distill the human factor in a bid to turn themselves into super-beings. We returned to Skaro and met the Emperor Dalek. The Daleks were defeated for good(?) and the Doctor gained a new companion, Victorian, Victoria Waterfield.

Next stop was the planet Telos, in the 25th century, where the TARDIS team came across an archaeological team who penetrated the long-lost tomb of the Cybermen. Then it was back to Earth, this time to Tibet in 1935, where the Doctor and co battled the great intelligence and it's army of robotic Yeti.

Back to the future at the Brittanicus base in a second ice age, the Doctor defended the Earth once more, this time from the defrosted Martians dubbed "Ice Warriors." Then it was off for some more doppleganger danger in Australia and Europe as the Doctor stopped his Mexican, physically identical twin Salamander from taking over the world.

Forty years after Tibet, the Great Intelligence and it's Yeti were up to their old tricks again, this time in the London Underground. We also met Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart for the first time. In 1968 on a North Sea gas refinery the Doctor faced a parasitic seaweed creature, the Doctor used his Sonic Screwdriver for the first time and we bade farewell to Victoria Waterfield.

Once again the Doctor and his friends faced the Cybermen and their little friends the cybermats as they tried to infiltrate the Wheel in Space. The Doctor and Jamie were joined in the TARDIS by brainiac scientist, Zoe Heriot. 

On the planet Dulkis the Doctor defended the planet's pacifist population from the dreadful Dominators and their robot Quarks. In a departure from reality, the Doctor, Jamie and Zoe met a cadre of unlikely characters in the Land of Fiction. 

Returning to Earth and aided by, now Brigadier, Lethbridge-Stewart and UNIT (the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce) the Doctor and co defeated the combined might of industrial leader Tobias Vaughn and the Cybermen.

On the planet of the Gonds, the Doctor broke the people's enslavement by the crystalline beings known as Krotons. Back to guess where: Earth, in the twenty first century, the Ice Warriors were back. This time with the intention of colonising the Earth for themselves by landing deadly seeds to make the planet inhospitable to humans.

Close to the planet Ta, the Doctor and his friends joined the International Space Corps on the tail of intergalactic Space Pirates. The Doctor, Jamie and Zoe arrived on a planet where the evil War Lords were helped by a member of the Doctor's race to kidnap various human soldiers from different time periods for war games. 

We met the Doctor's race and learned that they are called Time Lords. Jamie and Zoe had their memories erased and were returned to their own times. 

The Doctor was exiled to Earth in the twentieth century, his knowledge of time travel removed and he was forced to change his form once more.



Our of a possible 210 I scored Patrick Troughton's Doctor 133/210. Giving the Second Doctor, Mr. Patrick Troughton an average score of 63/100. My top three Troughton Stories are:

There! Now you're all caught up and ready to join me next time for Jon Pertwee as the Doctor in Spearhead From Space.

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