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William Hartnell Round Up

Hello blogland! Sorry I've been a bit neglectful of late. I've been busy with auditions and work. But here for your reading pleasure is a round up of William Hartnell's Doctor. I'd also like to give a warm welcome to all of you new readers. This should catch you up on everything you might have missed if you've only just joined us...

It all began in a junkyard in Totter's Lane with the Doctor and his grand daughter Susan, setting off with an initially rather unwilling pair of School teachers: Ian and Barbara. The quartet arrived in Stone Age earth and hardly escape with their lives after teaching the Tribe of Gum how to make fire.

They travelled to the planet Skaro and met the Daleks for the first time. The crew all went a bit mental inside the TARDIS and it was all because of an unpressed button. Then they journeyed to Peking in the Caravan of Marco Polo. 

Then hunted for some keys on the planet Marinus in order to defeat the evil Voords. Barbara got mistaken for an Aztec God in fifteenth century Mexico.

Some Ood-like telepathic aliens called Sensorites terrorised a twenty-eighth century spaceship crew. The TARDIS arrived in Paris during Robespierre's infamous Reign of Terror. The TARDIS and it's inhabitants got shrunken down as small as insects and stopped the mass production of a lethal pesticide. 

Then they landed in twenty-second century earth and had to overcome some invading Daleks. Susan stayed behind with a revolutionary called David Campbell. 

In a crashed spaceship on the planet Dido, Vicki was terrorised by her fellow survivor pretending to be an alien called Koquillion. Vicki joined the TARDIS crew. The new quartet went to first century Italy. Ian and Barbara were captured by slave traders and the Emperor Nero mistook the Doctor for a well known lyre player. 

The TARDIS went to the planet Vortis where the Doctor and co joined forces with the moth-like Menoptra in their War against the Animus and it's brainwashed ant slaves, the Zarbi. The crew got caught up in the Holy War between Richard the Lionheart and the Saracen ruler Saladin. The TARDIS jumped a time track and arrived on the planet Xeros before it was supposed to. With a little help from "guess who", the Xerons overcame the dictatorly Moroks. 

The Daleks chased the TARDIS on a whistle stop tour through time and space finally arriving on the plante Mechanus where we met the Mechanoids and a new companion, astronaut: Steven Taylor. Ian and Barbara left, using the Daleks captured time machine to go home to their own time. 

In 1066 the TARDIS arrived to discover another member of the Doctor's race, dressed as a Monk, meddling with the outcome of the Battle of Hastings. 

The Doctor taught us not to judge by appearances when he joined forces with the hideous Rills to overcome the beautiful Drahvins. We then got an episode completely without the Doctor, Companions or TARDIS as Space Security Service agent Marc Cory investigated a possible Dalek sighting on the remote planet of Kembel. The TARDIS landed in ancient Greece during the Trojan War, where the Doctor came up with the idea for the wooden horse and Vicki left to go down in history as one half of the infamous lovers Troilus and Cressida. 

Briefly a Greek handmaiden called Katarina joined the Doctor. The TARDIS crew joined forces with S.S.S. agents Bret Vyon and Sara Kingdom in order to stop the Evil Mavic Chen (Guardian of The Solar System), the Monk and the Daleks from constructing their time destructor. There was a brief interlude for the first Christmas special where William Hartnell broke the fourth wall by wishing the viewers a Merry Christmas. The Daleks were defeated yet again but Katarina, Bret and Sara all died! 

In paris 1572 Steven tried to avert the Catholic Queen Catherine de Medici's plan to slaughter all the French Protestants. For some reason the Abbot of Amboise was the spitting image of Hartnell's Doctor. Randomly Dodo joined the TARDIS crew. 

Aboard a giant space ark, Dodo's common cold nearly killed the entire human race and their servants, the one eyed Monoids. Returning 700 years later the TARDIS crew arrived to find that the Monoids have taken over. 

The TARDIS arrived in the domain of the malevolent Celestial Toymaker, who forced the Doctor, Steven and Dodo to play games! Arriving in Tombstone, Arizona in 1881, the Doctor and his companions got caught up in the infamous gunfight (and ballad) of the last chance saloon. The TARDIS arrived to find the ruthless Elders sucking the life force from the helpless Savages. Steven elected to stay behind to rule the planet, after their defeat. 

In London, at the top of the Post Office Tower, super computer WOTAN brainwashed humans to build War Machines in order to take over the world. Dodo got hypnotised and was taken off to 'the country' never to be seen again, but we met new companions, swinging sixties Polly and sailor Ben Jackson. 

The Doctor got caught up in a seventeenth century treasure hunt. In 1986 the Earth's long absent twin planet Mondas returned bearing Cybermen - humanoids augmented with machine parts. 

The Doctor's body was "wearing a bit thin," so he gots himself a new one. 



Out of a possible 290 points I scored William Hartnell's Doctor 182/290. Giving the First Doctor, Mr. William Hartnell an average score of 62/100. My top three Hartnell stories are: 

There! Now you're all caught up and ready to join me next time for Patrick Troughton as the Doctor in The Power of The Daleks.

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