Thursday, 30 June 2011

The Crash of The Elysium - Hidden clues in the BBC Doctor Who website are not what they seemed...

After all the excitement and fun decoding secret messages on the "Fourth Dimension" sections of the BBC Doctor Who website it turns out that the clues and secret video were nothing to do with the current series at all. If you have no idea what I'm talking about check out this previous post. It was officially announced yesterday that the video and clues were adverts for the new Salford, Manchester based "Crash of The Elysium." An audience involved, immersive adventure, theatrical experience created in collaboration with BBC Wales and British Theatre Company, Punch-Drunk.

This is the newly announced trailer:

Here's what The Crash of The Elysium's writer Tom MacRae (Rise of The Cybermen/Age of Steel) has to say about it:

The show is predominantly aimed at children aged 9-12, but due to vast public demand there are now performances for adults. So, fellow Whovians. The real Twin Dilema I find myself in is: Should I treck up to Manchester and see it? It's £25 a ticket, it'll cost me the best part of £50 for the train journey, I don't know of anyone else who would be willing to go on said pilgrimage with me, as my sweetheart is away. But I'm a completist and surely I shouldn't miss out on this one?

If you have any ideas of suggestions, please leave a comment.


Pixie said...

If you go, then I must hear all about it!

Minkette said...

If it's like any of the previous Punchdrunk things it won't matter if you go alone or with people, as you'll ditch them to go exploring anyway!

The last production of theirs cost £65 just for a ticket. Google Punchdrunk and see if you'd enojy the kind of experience (The DW Experience in Olympia is a good refernce point)

btw thanks for posting about the secret clues in 4th Dimension stuff - I'd not have gone looking for them otherwise :)

Anonymous said...

I have decided it's worth it! So I'm going!! Minkette you persuaded me. And Pixie I will do a full blog report on my experience.