Monday, 16 May 2011

Hidden Clues in the BBC Doctor Who Website!!!

Here's something wonderful for fans of new Who! I just discovered this and it is amazing and exciting!!

For each new episode of Doctor Who the BBC website has a section called "The Fourth Dimension" (good name) which contains little bits of trivia for each episode. Within the text there are some words that are in italics. The use of italics seemed somewhat random and out of place. I noted each word, and discovered that they formed a legible sentence. I checked over each episode and sure enough, there were the italic words again. I've noted each of these sentences for your reading pleasure.

The Doctor's Wife sentence was a clue. The spot beyond the Doctor's home planet is the full stop/period after the last word in the text: Gallifrey.

When you click on this you are taken to a hidden page and this video titled: Analysis Lessons. Which happens to be an anagram of Lonely Assassins... I'm not sure if this has any reference but it is so crazy cool exciting!! My inner fan is going wild right now.

I hope you enjoy this and I shall certainly be on the lookout for future episode clues which I'll post here...


Anonymous said...

Lonely Assassins was what the weeping angles were called last series? But this new message is "Message interrupted". Hmm.

Anonymous said...

after the rebel flesh there isn't another message