Tuesday, 19 April 2011


My fingers are actually shaking as I write this, and I am so sorry to announce that the actress, wife and mother, Elisabeth Sladen who played Sarah Jane Smith has died aged 63. She had been battling with cancer for some time. Our thoughts are with her husband and daughter. She is the most quintessential companion and she shall be sorely missed Here are so pictures commemorating her time on Doctor Who:

Liz's first appearance as Sarah Jane Smith with the Doctor Jon Pertwee.
With her second Doctor Tom Baker.
In her last adventure, The Hand of Fear.
With her trusty companion in K9 and Company.
With the cast of The Five Doctors.
With David Tennant, making a return to Doctor Who in School Reunion.
With the cast of her very own show The Sarah Jane Adventures.
With Matt Smith and fellow ex-companion Katy Manning as Jo Grant.
Elisabeth Sladen was a wonderful person and she will never be forgotten.

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ianbateman said...

Strange trivia - Katy Manning (pictured at Jo Grant above) is married to Barry Crocker, an Australian actor/singer who played Barry McKenzie and who also sang the original theme tune to Neighbours.