Friday, 25 February 2011

R.I.P Nicholas Courtney, Five Rounds Rapid for everyones hero The Brigadier.

Sadly on 23rd February Nicholas Courtney passed away aged 81. Best known for playing Brigadier Allister Gorden Lethbridge-Stewart Nick Courtney will be deeply missed. Here are some pictures documenting his time on Doctor Who:
Nicholas Courtney's first appearance as Bret Vyon.
The Brig with his first Doctor Patrick Troughton.
Allister's longest serving Doctor John Pertwee.
The Brigadier and the fourth Doctor Tom Baker.
Nicholas Courtney returned to work with Peter Davison.
In the Children in Need Special Dimensions in Time,
with Colin Baker
With Sylvester McCoy in Battlefield.
He even worked with Paul McGann in the Big Finish Audio
'Minuet in Hell.'
The Brig returned most recently in The Sarah Jane Adventures.

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tigerna9 said...

The Brigadier always maintained the status quo and attempted to go beyond the resources at his disposal, but was never too proud to invite the Doctor into help. May Nicholas Courtney rest peacefully!