Sunday, 16 January 2011

Wonderings in the Fourth Dimension...

Hello Blogosphere, and welcome to my very first blog. I have considered writing a blog for some time, but it never seemed like a good time and I could never really come up with a decent subject material, until now. After recently finishing Panto, I find myself gainfully unemployed & with time to spare. So what to write about...?

Well, I was given a wonderful book for Christmas: Running Through Corridors, in which Robert Shearman (Doctor Who Writer) & Toby Hadoke (Comedian & Doctor Who Aficionado) watch their way through the entire Doctor Who Series. Normally with this kind of book I would flick through and just see what the experts thought of my favourite episodes, but with this publication I have been reading it cover to cover. My only real criticisms are the length of each entry, and the review of each individual episode separately instead of by story. Their direction was their desire to find the good in each story. The course in my opus shall be slightly more critical, and including a brief story synopsis, a breakdown of characters and monsters/villains, pictures and a short review story by story.

So I intend to watch the whole series from William Hartnell's very first story An Unearthly Child (1963) right up to Matt Smith's most recent outing, including the audio to all of the lost episodes. Some of you may find my pilgrimage bewilderingly dull or geeky, but for those of you who don't please come along on this journey with me...

I hope it will be a way for fellow Whovians to re-discover the series and also a chance for relative Who-novices or new series converts to learn some of their Who History.

I'll be back with my next post: An Unearthly Child.

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